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The law on discrimination is very complex to understand because there is always exceptions and variations of being a group whereas the rules are applicable in general context. If a person falls sick due to excessive smoking which leads to a disability then that person cannot fight against Disability Discrimination. Similarly certain characteristic of a group can be changed – for example a change in family status or a change of religion.

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Discrimination Law

To make distinction on the basis of race, color, caste, creed, sex, nationality, etc. without regard to merit can be termed as Discrimination. Distinctions between people that are based just on individual merit (such as personal achievement, skill or ability), are generally not considered Discriminatory. Are you suffering from any Type of Discrimination in your workplace or home? Most of us silently suffer indiscriminating policies followed at work place because of race, color, sex, nationality, etc. as we are not aware of our rights. And even if we are aware we fear intricacies and tensions involved in legal proceedings. It is very difficult to prove illegal Discrimination. Treatment shown to one person should be proved as different from the general treatment given for the same cause. We are here to help you. We in partnership with the top notch attorneys of your area provide you the best legal services.

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Car Accident Lawyer

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A disabled person cannot be discriminated against by not providing ramps handrails or illuminated doorbells etc. This is a case of clear discrimination based on the disability and the law of the land is very much in favour of the disabled community. These provisions should be made available either by the landlord or if not already available the tenant should be permitted to include these provisions at their own cost.

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