What is Divorce?

Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage is the ending of a marriage, which can be contrasted with an annulment which is a declaration that a marriage is void, though the effects of marriage may be recognized in such unions, such as spousal support, child custody and distribution of property. In developed countries, divorce rates have increased markedly during the twentieth century. Among the states in which divorce has become commonplace are the United States, Japan, Korea and members of the European Union (in Malta divorce is illegal, Ireland only allowed divorce since 1997 via a referendum, (the Fifteenth Amendment to the constitution).



Divorce is a complicated procedure that involves several intricacies and need careful handling. A single wrong step can make your side weak. If you don’t wish to stay with partner, file a divorce lawsuit and seek a attorney help for further litigation process.


Before filing a divorce case against your partner, one must be aware of information related to divorce. There are two types of divorce: Fault and No Fault divorce.


Where a divorce or dissolution of marriage (civil union) is granted either party may ask for Post-Marital Alimony. It is not an absolute right but may be granted the amount and terms varying with the circumstances.


Annulment is a legal procedure for declaring a marriage null and void. Annulment differs from divorce where the court ends an otherwise legal marriage on a specific date.


In cases of family strain it was women’s families in 78% of cases who were the cause compared to 22% of men’s. Emotional/physical abuse was more evenly split with women affected in 60% and men in 40% of cases.

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